Theta Process

This is a new way to float! We provide an entire two hour relaxation process that starts with a vigorous automated massage, proceeds to one of our float rooms, followed by an infrared sauna to dry off. All of which leaves you in an amazing state for a muscle activating stretch in our designated area.

If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to ask! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or any other details involved. Check out our FAQ's page as well.

Step One

First, you're going to want to book an appointment with us! You can either find us on the MindBody app or you can book right from the site here. It's all completely secure and protected either way. When booking, there is the option of booking with Float Room 1 or Float Room 2 (when booking an Individual session).

Float Room 1: The bigger of the rooms (used for dual sessions as well). Is great for people who are wanting more space or feel claustrophobic in smaller rooms.

Float Room 2: The smaller of the rooms. With the light colours and warm surrounding tones, the small space feels more comforting than the other rooms. Best for those who like smaller spaces when they're alone.

Step Two

When you first come into Theta Wave Float & Wellness, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members and you will be on your way! Please inform them if you have any medical conditions or open wounds and they will attend to you as necessary. We will also provide silicone earplugs for you to use if you'd like.

The first part of the relaxation process is prepping for relaxing. This means locking away all of your personal belongings into a locker. You will also be locking away your clothes, as there will be robes and footwear provided for you to wear during your visit. While you may feel like you want to get away from your phone and lock it up, there is also an option to hook your phone's music up to our integrated audio system in the room via bluetooth. It is completely up to you, as this is "you time". There will also be a washroom that we highly suggest you use prior to the float.

Step Three

Theta Wave Float & Wellness is not just a float spa; we also provide an automated, full-body massage experience to ease your body's physical tension. After you have all of your belongings locked up, you will be escorted to the massage area where you will experience the work of our zero gravity massage units.* You will be massaged quite vigorously, literally from your head to your toes. Its comfortable design and incredible massage power will have your body feeling loose and prepped for the float. Once the massage is complete, it's off to the float room!

*People who are not suitable for this product: people suffering from osteoporosis, people with a heart disease or carrying electronic medical equipment - such as a Pacemaker, pregnant women and women in Menses Period, people who have been recently injured, or people with a contact skin disease. If you're feeling unwell or have a temperature sensitivity issue, please use your discression.

Step Four

Once you enter the room, you will see there are hangers and racks for your robes and your slippers. You can either float nude or in a bathing suit, but please hang your robe and take off your sandals. The float rooms have stairs leading up to a shower. Please take one to ensure all lotion, oils and other contaminants are off of your body. You have about 5 minutes before the lights will begin to fade in your room.

Once you are showered off and ready to float, that is exactly what you will do! Enter the tub and simply lay back! The salt in the tub will keep you afloat with no effort on your part. Just close your eyes and relax.

The lights should have faded out this point, but there is a touch control pad on the side of the tub that gives you full control of the light and sound levels of the tub. That same control will have options to change your music if you so choose as well. You will have many options on the light panel, so you can be surrounded by whichever radiant color you so choose or a cycle that flows through all the colours of the spectrum. If at any point you wish to exit the tub, there is no lid for you to worry about and you can get out at any point in the float time.

Once you have everything exactly to your liking, you will have nearly an entire hour feeling weightless and free. This is your time with yourself or with your partner, you have the ability to control the environment and make this experience 100% your own. We don't get these moments very often in life.

Step Five

Once your session is complete, the lights in your room will slowly begin to return to full brightness and your music will fade. Simply stand up and exit the tub slowly - the floor may be slippery when wet. We suggest you rinse the salt water off of your body, as salt can be quite drying to the skin. Feel free to use our complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap while you're in there. There will also be towels available for you beside the shower for you to use. Please use your robe and sandals when moving to the next area.

Step Six

Next, it's time to dry off. Here at Theta Wave Float & Wellness, we don't just dry off with towels, no, we use state of the art, ultra-low EMF infrared saunas to get you dry and toasty warm.* There is a remote in each sauna to not only adjust the lighting, but also to control the stereo options inside. There will be fresh, cold water for your enjoyment between the saunas - please drink as much as you'd like as it is important to keep our bodies hydrated. It is recommended that you only stay in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes. These are infrared saunas, so our bodies can handle the heat better than in a steam sauna but we still don't want to overheat the body.

Step Seven

Upon exiting the sauna, it is suggested that you use the stretching area for an optional light warm up. Things like a few body weight squats, leg stretches, arm circles and the like are great things to wake up your muscles. This reconnection is a great way can ease you back into your world!

Let your vehicle warm up while you stay comfortable by our fireplace in the foyer with some tea and take a look at the local art on display.

*if at any point of this process you feel discomfort, please let the Spa Attendant know how you are feeling and they will aid you in any way necessary.

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