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Why Theta Wave?

In a world that is non-stop stimulation, often all we need is an opportunity to let go and be alone with ourselves. Theta Wave Float & Wellness has developed a method to help you navigate through life's overwhelming waters into a state of relaxation. Our process will guide you through a one-of-a-kind experience that breaks through the noise of the world in a vessel of introspection.

Pricing Information


  • Individual Theta Session: $80.00
  • Double Theta Session $100.00
  • Intro Theta Session $50.00
  • Intro Double Theta Session $75.00
  • Warm-up Session $30.00
See in store for available discounts for Emergency Services Personnel, military and veterans.

As someone who goes to the gym six days a week and works two jobs on top of that, going through Theta Wave's process helped me in ways I never could have even guessed. The mental and physical tension that I had seemed to just melt away and by the end of the session, I felt like I could tackle all of my responsibilities. There's just simply nothing else like this process out there. I would highly recommend going.
Trystan Hill
A Theta Wave's Float is a really unique experience. The automated massage was quite powerful and it was exactly what I needed to get my body ready for the float. My girlfriend and I decided to do a dual session together and while I wasn't sure how that would work, I really enjoyed it. The tank is the perfect way to be together with another person yet you still feel like you are floating in your own world. I will definitely be coming again.
Lucas Fertuck
Just had a good afternoon at Theta Wave, very friendly, clean, and a overall good experience! Will definitely recommend to others and will be back. Great for people who are claustrophobic.
Brittany Losonsky-Prentice
Just had a super relaxing time here! Very friendly staff. Massage chair was the best ever. From the massage and float my body feels 10 years younger!
Charlene Behm Henderson
I had an amazing experience! This place was amazing! Loved that you didn’t feel trapped in a pod or chamber. Will definitely be coming back. I highly recommend it!
Ashley Hyde

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