Community Involvement

Theta Wave Float & Wellness strives to keep our community together in any way that we can. That's why we are providing the space for members of our community to broadcast their work!

Come on in and share information about the events that are happening around the city!

Are you a Local artist?

Here at Theta Wave Float & Wellness, we understand that sometimes getting your art out there as an artist starting out can be a little bit difficult. We are offering multiple spaces for local artists to hang and sell their art pieces all throughout our facility - free of charge! We do not require any amount of percentage of sale or payment for the space. Contact us at to see what spots we have available! We look forward to hearing from the talent that is in our city!

Client Testimonials

As someone who goes to the gym six days a week and works two jobs on top of that, going through Theta Wave's process helped me in ways I never could have even guessed. The mental and physical tension that I had seemed to just melt away and by the end of the session, I felt like I could tackle all of my responsibilities. There's just simply nothing else like this process out there. I would highly recommend going.
Trystan Hill
A Theta Wave's Float is a really unique experience. The automated massage was quite powerful and it was exactly what I needed to get my body ready for the float. My girlfriend and I decided to do a dual session together and while I wasn't sure how that would work, I really enjoyed it. The tank is the perfect way to be together with another person yet you still feel like you are floating in your own world. I will definitely be coming again.
Lucas Fertuck
Just had a good afternoon at Theta Wave, very friendly, clean, and a overall good experience! Will definitely recommend to others and will be back. Great for people who are claustrophobic.
Brittany Losonsky-Prentice
Just had a super relaxing time here! Very friendly staff. Massage chair was the best ever. From the massage and float my body feels 10 years younger!
Charlene Behm Henderson
I had an amazing experience! This place was amazing! Loved that you didn’t feel trapped in a pod or chamber. Will definitely be coming back. I highly recommend it!
Ashley Hyde
Great place to unwind and re-centre your mind. Great staff, amazing facility and an experience you won’t soon forget! I highly recommend trying it out!! I enjoyed the whole process and I left feeling like a million bucks!
Billy Frasz
Heard about floating and always wanted to try it... Super cool experience and the best part is all my aches and pains are gone!! A must!!
Darren Henderson
This is an incredible experience. I went in not knowing what to expect and was thoroughly impressed. 5 stars!
Bonny Daku
Just had my first float experience! As a mom of three under three it was so nice to go in to such a relaxing atmosphere. The massage chairs are amazing and the sauna was a nice finishing touch - also recommend hooking up your Bluetooth if you have music that helps you relax! I’ll be back!
Janine Oxby
I enjoyed my experience today so much. I am currently undergoing chemo treatment & have been feeling down & stressed. I felt a ease instantly as the owner made me feel comfortable & showed me around. The personalized massage chair was a relaxing way to start my morning & the float was Exactly what I needed, and the appointment ended with a half hour in the sauna I strongly recommend Thetwave & Float wellness to you all.
Yvonne Frasz
I loved the massage chair and your skin feels amazing after the float. So relaxing!!
LoriAnn Kinar
Loved the whole experience! Everything from the massage chairs, to the float room, and the sauna at the end was amazing!
Raechelle Janzen
Yesterday my partner and I had our very first (but not last) Theta Wave experience together. From start to finish I was quite impressed - it is certainly a relaxation experience not just a float. The first phase - those amazing massage chairs (or more like full body massage pods) were not only extremely comfortable and relaxing but very thorough. I'm still feeling that massage today but in a great way! Getting to be in the Theta Wave pool with my partner was a great way to wind down together. The pool left us with plenty of space to float around stretched out, and the option to play music and have some soft lights was also appreciated. There are setting options to really meet everyone's relaxation needs for sure! The icing on the cake was probably the infrared dry sauna post float. I highly recommend drinking lots of water throughout! Before leaving it is recommended to stretch on the mats provided - I didn't, but if you are planning on driving after it might be a good idea just to get the blood flowing again! Needless to say I slept like a baby last night and feel really rejuvenated and balanced today. Excited for my next visit! Huge thanks to the staff for a great first time, and extra 5 stars for cleanliness and non stop water fill ups!
Candace M. Fox
Today my husband and I went there and wow what a great experience! I highly recommend Theta Wave Float!!!! I have never done a float before and it was wonderful. The atmosphere, the massage chairs, the pools and the sauna were all fantastic! We both really enjoyed our afternoon!!!!! 5 stars all of the way!
Kristin Karst Heroux
Most relaxing place in Saskatoon. We are so lucky to have this in our city
Carly Rae

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